Brian’s Grow, with the know campaign kicked off to promote self-thinking, individual-research, observing the facts and encouraging singular decision-making. By nature, most do what’s popular or follow a rhetoric of their peers either through pressure or passive abandon. So many issues shape our very lives, and it’s true that a well-informed America is a smarter America.

This site is non-profit in every sense of the word, as no advertisers are permitted. This act of integrity doesn’t allow for special interests or agendas. Therefore, there is nothing to gain but answers in their purest forms, without outside influences. This policy will never change.

It’s my hope that the seeds planted will make an impact on this endeavor. Even if for a few.


  1. Ok Brian, I’ve finallly started reading your stuff, you are my brother and all- HA! If I had known what a good writer you were, I would have had you write all my school papers!!!! Love you!

  2. Your information is a great help for my school project. Thank you for posting the Amanda articles.

  3. I think you totally suck.

  4. You speak the truth! More then can be said about our so called President Of The United States Of Amerika.
    Putin for president sense we already have a forgener as one already!

  5. I find your words interesting. I just recently started reading them

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