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Disgusted with your Biased Employer? Telecast it!

Two news anchors in Maine took a stand against the politically correct establishment. Not only did they quit their jobs as lead anchors, they did so together, in tandem, to send the message home.

On live television.

The duo seemed to think their parent news outlet was biased, and it appears their disgust drove them to hang it up for good in front of a live audience.

Take a look HERE for more on the story and the video from their final newscast.

They weren’t on their way out, Palmer, and you know it. Talk about trying to save face by being immature and unprofessional about it. Responding like Palmer did is indicative of a complete jerk, and feel his ratings will take a beating over not only the admissions of the anchors, but Palmers’ response to it.

Want politically correct news? Want liberal, hand-fed garbage from your local newscasts? It seems ABC7/Bangor would be the way to go. Thanks for taking a stand against the mainstream media, Cindy and Tony! You’re heroes in the media world!

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Brian’s Last Day!

by brian smith

For nearly 2 years, I’ve had the pleasure of representing many clients across Middle Georgia. I’ve met many fabulous people in Warner Robins, Centerville, Macon, Perry, Cochran, Thomaston, Unadilla, Montezuma, Butler, Reynolds, Jackson, Forsyth, Milledgeville, Monticello, Gray, Bonaire, Griffin, Locust Grove, Kathleen, Fort Valley, Barnseville, Eastman, Hawkinsville, McDonough, Eatonton, Greensboro, Stockbridge, Roberta, Byron and Hawkinsville.


 In those towns, I’ve visited over 230 insurance agencies, and my estimate of those I’ve spoken with on my many visits borders on nearly a thousand agents and CSR’s. I’ve also met hundreds of service providers in the auto industry and so many in-between. Not once in nearly 2 years was I not made to feel welcome, surely an illustration of the type of people Middle Georgia has. Down to Earth, friendly and always there to help others. Those are the friends I made!

 I’m going to miss this place.

 During my last month, I brought Marke Baker, the newest addition to The Auto Glass Guy, around to meet as many as possible. I was looking to introduce him to all, with the understanding he would be my replacement. Our tour around Middle Georgia proved to be a success, as insurance agents throughout received Marke well. From my heart, I appreciate you opening your offices to him.

 October 12th was my last day, but there are memories to share about that day. I wanted to spend the day getting my hands dirty on the front lines, where the installer and customers meet face to face. So, for the last day, I went out on the truck with David, camera in tow.

 First up, a door glass that needed to be replaced on a Lincoln SUV. We’re not sure how the damage happened, as the impact was in the upper corner.

There early. Ready to rock!
Closeup of damage
Technical part of the service: Removing delicate electronic parts
Tiny parts, lot’s of patience
Removal of door panel commences
Almost there
One bolt stands between David and final removal
Got it!
Door panel removal complete
Window being removed
Removal complete! 
Angling new window into place
Panel replaced after window set, perfectly
Good as new! 

The first service job went without a hitch. The day was just getting started, so we moved on to the next project right away. Driving another 45 minutes, we arrived at the site. The client was complaining that her rear window was leaking on her pickup. We got the water hose out and checked for leaks. Turns out, it wasn’t the window.

Can you guess what this is?
It’s the 3rd rear light on the cab. Yep, it leaks!

 While The Auto Glass Guy specializes in glass, they’re always ready for a curve like this. David came prepared to deal with these issues, and it turned out to be a simple, cheap fix for the customer, who was very appreciative of getting charged very little.

Reasealing is a cinch!
Reattached and done

We did several other service calls that day, but the highlight of the day was a stop at Georgia Power’s coal plant. I’ve never been to one of these plants, and was surprised at how tight security was at the facility. Special name badges were made for our short visit to swap out a windshield on an employees’ vehicle. But after jumping through the security hoops, I did get some images of our stop.

Cooling tower, blowing off steam
The base of this beast
To think, one can see these towers from miles away
It’s just steam, folks!

 Our final stop of the day was at one of my favorite places to service glass, Southway Crane located in Byron, Georgia. Since it was the last stop, it was time to goof off a bit before calling it a day.

This entire bit is ONE crane

The crane featured is a mammoth. Designed for the ultimate jobs in which smaller cranes will not suffice, this crane is disassembled for storage purposes. Want to build a skyscraper or other large, monumental structures? This is the answer!

I really don’t feel six feet tall in this one
Neither did david
The turret of this monster
Rear view
Last photo of the day. Will miss you all!

 It was an interesting end to a busy day. I spent my last day with my hands on the very service that has made The Auto Glass Guy who they are today. Parting ways was difficult, but do keep in mind the same great service is alive and well.

 Goodbye, Middle Georgia, you’ll be missed!

Off to Milledgeville, Georgia!

by Brian Smith


One of my many functions is getting out in the community to experience the charm and lure of the oak lined streets, friendly waves from locals and of course the warm visits I make to clients. I always feel welcome to stop in and chat about local trends and culture.

 This week I’d like to talk about Milledgeville, a town of nearly 20,000 that thrives in the midst of southern hospitality. During my visits there, I always take the usual stroll through downtown, with camera constantly at my reach. I never know when I’ll encounter yet another moment I’d like to remember.

An inviting walk into downtown Milledgeville

 It’s no wonder I love visiting the local insurance agents and other pillars of the community there. In fact, it’s not unusual to get invites to lunch. Words can’t describe the feeling one gets in this environment, a far cry from living in a big city. And then there’s the architecture. 

The standard for southern postcards


Baldwin County Courthouse

Let’s not forget one more thing. Milledgeville is rich in history, and makes for a great way to spend the day learning about their past. And guess what else? David pays me to go there! Be sure to take a slow walk around the town. There’s a little something for everyone.

Fascinating history abounds in Milledgeville


I intend to visit Milledgeville as often as possible to not only pay my respects to the agents and community we serve, but also take my family for what I consider a valuable lesson in what America stands for. Memories are forever in stone for Milledgeville, Georgia, a class act town in this weeks feature. They never forgot what made this country great…

A tribute from the fine citizens of Milledgeville. A war memorial.

The Auto Glass Guy thanks you all. We look forward to many more wonderful memories Milledgeville brings our team for years to come. Click here to meet the Smith family that salutes you!



The Perfect Storm with Perfect Timing

I’m willing to bet liberals in NJ/NY wish they could get their hands on a coal power plant right about now. With millions without power and essentials to get by, things are starting to get a bit ugly. And, wheres Obama? Well, he’s back to campaigning after his photo-op with the NJ governor. To a degree, I can understand the urgency to campaign, but not when New Yorkers are dumpster-diving for food.

And we knew it wouldn’t be long before violence erupted.

The shortage of fuel is alarming, as hundreds of thousands wait in lines miles-long to fill up. It has taken its toll on patience, as a man drew a weapon on another driver in a dispute over who was first in line to get fuel. Nobody was shot, but it does illustrate that despite some of the stictest gun laws in the country in the state of New York, it hasn’t seemed to stem gun violence at all (Chicago for instance, has banned guns in its city, yet has the highest rate of gun violence in the country. I don’t think criminals are paying attention to these laws, folks).

Hurricane Sandy seemed to be a God-send (or Allah-send, depending on who you ask) for the Obama Campaign.

On another note, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is urging Christians to not vote for an anti-Christian president. Anyone feel the same way? Morals, I suppose, aren’t something that can be legislated, and that’s exactly what the Obama administration is doing. Pro abortion, taking God out of our daily lives and is otherwise suspected of following a faith that calls for the destruction of Christians and non-believers.

Endorsing gay marriage didn’t help his cause too much, either.

On the jobs front, who would have ever suspected Obama of appointing a ‘Business Czar’ to his cabinet to create jobs? When Obama needs a response to tough pressure over the economy or other issues, he hires another head of yet another government branch. As it were, Obama already had a ‘Jobs Council’ that he rarely met with. Didn’t ever show up, brushing the council off. Maybe this has much to do with Intel’s CEO Paul Otellini, who also heads the Jobs Council, endorsing Mitt Romney. Expanding the government is not the solution!

Something tells me Obama isn’t interested in creating jobs, fellow Americans.

The storm took a lot of pressure off of Obama, in that it took the focus off the issues that seemingly pushed the Romney numbers up among probable voters. So with only four days remaining until election day, in which taxpayers discover their demise, much has to be done in a short span of time. Having decided that Obama is not a good fit for America, I’ll be sharing all the information I can to get the pressure cooker back up to speed.

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