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U.S. Government: Who Knows What?

The left is having a tough time these days, so we thought a little help understanding these so-called patriots was a given. The political noise is more than many can bare, and even thinking about it gives the average tax payer a headache. Most conversation now lends itself to figuring a way out of the many messes and scandals that have enveloped our daily lives.

But not knowing on so many levels is hard to ignore.

The following came across the wire but I was unable to publish the original in social media (thanks, Facebook police). No folks, there are no conspiracy theories. The powers that be, the entities attempting to control our thoughts and ideas with others, are hard at work. I improvised, giving readers a glimpse at the underside of what those with common sense already know.

Yes, our government is more corrupt than ever.

Pointing the finger is fast losing its luster. And credibility. The Obama Administration is the poster child for my point, and we’ll start from the bottom up with those in Washington that know very little about the very duties they’re charged with.

gov 1

Janet Reno: Didn’t know about the release of illegal aliens.

Hillary Clinton testifies

Hillary Clinton: Didn’t know about cables and who was responsible for Benghazi (she didn’t think it made a difference).

Eric Holder

Eric Holder: Didn’t know about Fast and Furious, IRS targets, and DOJ seizing of AP records

gov 7

Harry Reid: I didn’t know…until they knew they didn’t know.

gov 6

Nancy Pelosi: We’ll know when…(well, we know, Nancy).

gov 4

President Barack Hussein Obama: Didn’t know anything, about anyone at any time, anywhere and no recollection at all (the fly knows that smell).

Joe Biden: And they think I'm crazy!

Joe Biden: And they think I’m crazy!

So, fellow Americans, there’s the skinny on what’s ailing our country. Nobody in their respective position knows what’s going on. Sure, we’ve had some bad leaders in our long history, but never at this level and in every department or office under the president. Even the Press Secretary, Jay Carney, is feeling the heat.


Believe me or else.

Where’s the Cheaper Gas?

I was out doing errands recently and stopped in to visit a friend. He asked me if I would know where to go if I wanted to locate the gas stations where gasoline is cheapest. I mean, how often do we think of gas prices, unless we’re searching for it?


However, we’ve all been paying attention to how much a gallon of gas will cost us in the coming weeks and months. At the current rate, our wonderful speculators say it may arrive at the $5.00/gallon mark. As we all know, when fuel prices go up the price of living goes up, as does the price of doing business. It’s not just at the pump that we’re affected.

Instead of driving around to search for the cheapest prices in town, I took to the internet to find a way to locate them without needing gas when I arrived. It’s a site called Gas Buddy. It indicates to consumers the cheaper stops to fuel up. During a time we’re slowly climbing out of the recession, it’s worthy of the savings. I’ve taken the liberty of directing readers to Florida prices, and is easily modified to your specific area by entering your zip code.

Knowing how to save a few cents here and there can make a difference in hundreds of dollars banked over the course of a year. Click the link above to find cheaper gas near you!

Who is Dividing us, and Why? Pt. 1

Digging for the truth, as many already know, takes time, patience and a little common sense. But when there’s a war waging for American minds, no blow is too low for those charged with governing our country to win. We must all, no matter the party affiliation, acknowledge that American’s are no longer in control of their nation. Conspiracy theorists have no place any longer, so we’ll stick to the facts we already know.

Debates abound over who is in the right and who is in the wrong. When these debates get cranking, the accusations fly, and the fingers point endlessly. What has caused this is the mix of information being delivered via a crooked media, who at this time seem to be under the trance of our current liberal government.

Moreso than at any other time in our long history.

We must first understand what our country needs to heal its ailing economy, poor education, and why people are becoming more dependent upon a government with no money (who seems to have duped half of our country into believing there’s an unlimited amount). We must all put our swords down for a moment to explore what we all are able to agree upon. The fighting over who is right and wrong is going nowhere.

A good example of our division are the elected officials American’s voted for. Many politicians have blatantly lied to achieve the objective of getting into office only to do an about face on the issues they were elected to address. The elected offices in question begin at the top, as our president is apparently quite guilty of this. Sure, our last president wasn’t the best, either. But it doesn’t justify the here and now. That argument has long lost its luster and seems like a go-to when all else fails in attempts to mesmerize the American people.

So, let’s stay with our present situation and how it’s currently being handled. After all, what was done years ago will unlikely benefit us in the future.

A new party is on the scene, called the Tea Party. Originally created on September 2nd, 2004, their mission appears to be a legitimate one. It seems the organization is based upon the premise that government has gotten too large and the course of our country is on a collision course with failure. According to their website, it believes in the core values set forth by The Constitution of The United States of America, and that our Constitution has been trampled upon and ignored. Members tend to believe lower taxes are essential, and that American liberties are slowly being stripped away.


Many can attest there are liberal groups attempting to smear the image of the Tea Party. In fact, just today it was reported that Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson called the organization a racist hate group to be compared with the KKK. Since the Tea Party website didn’t provide me with any information concerning racism, the research commenced.

No viable proof of racism was found.

I took to the blogosphere, as I was interested in knowing from liberals themselves why they consider the Tea Party a racist organization. Not surprisingly, it was what they believed, usually hearing it from a media source or hearsay from associates, friends and family members. When I asked for citations, none were able to provide them. In fact, when I indicated that it was due to division among American’s at the behest of our government, I was actually labeled a racist!

But in doing that same research, I did discover a few things the Tea Party are staunch opponents of. One was an out-of- control spending concern, and the other? Welfare abuses. It wasn’t difficult to find several citations to this growing problem, as I had written on the subject myself, entitled, “Black Friday came Early: More Welfare Abuse.”

The latest in welfare abuse is appalling. SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), a federally funded welfare program for grocery assistance, was reportedly being marketed on the internet, sometimes at pennies on the dollar. SNAP recipients are selling the balances for cash, in an arrogant display of abuse. Certainly, those who pay taxes should be angered and demand accountability.

Mind you, this story is not found in the mainstream media. Yet.

In our next part, we’ll explore the mainstream media and the influences it has over the minds of American’s. Slowly, it’s being realized that there’s something bigger happening in our country, and many are not paying attention.

Black Friday came Early: More Welfare Abuse

Over the weekend, a glitch in the EBT food card database affected the poor from 17 states. The glitch (blamed on a power outage during routine maintenance testing) was only good for a few, as many could not buy food. But for others, it meant that it was a time for theft.


Shoppers with their EBT cards headed to Walmart in Louisiana, as they suddenly had no  limit on their accounts. They cleared the shelves, leaving little to nothing for shoppers with other means to purchase their needs. So it was alarming when Walmart said in a statement, “We did make the decision to continue to accept EBT cards during the outage so they could get food for their families.”

If this were the case, why wouldn’t Walmart accept the cards that had limits and did not work?

Amateur video footage showed dozens of full carts abandoned due to EBT users learning that the glitch was fixed. One woman who was in the process of purchasing over $700 in groceries when the glitch was corrected had a mere 49 cents as her limit balance.

Pictures depicted a Black Friday aftermath which is still 46 days away.

The melee has again raised questions on welfare abuses. With nearly 50 million Americans using EBT cards, fraud and misuse runs rampant. It has been suggested that tougher requirements be implemented to curb those who are able to work from receiving these benefits after a predetermined period of time.




American’s Furious, and Here’s Why

Recently, I was advised that this page is only my opinion, and deserves no merit where truth may exist. Confusing, since there’s an array of factual information at our fingertips. But the same person who said this to me went on a rant of her own concerning Obamacare that could neither be confirmed nor denied. When I asked for citations, I was bombarded with insults, underlying hate and otherwise anything except the citations.

It illustrated the division in this country, as well as any possibility to have a constructive conversation with the type of people I described above. Apparently, shutters are on their eyes, believing it seems, everything mainstream media is preaching. We’re all entitled to our own opinions and beliefs, but it seems some didn’t get the memo.

In an effort to raise the debt ceiling and fund Obamacare, President Obama was not willing to budge, calling republicans out on stalling the “progress” of funding his pet project and socialized agendas. Let’s face it, our national debt is 17 trillion dollars, and the money presses continue at maximum capacity in order to keep up with our outrageous debt and yearly budget deficits.

Certainly, the president will point fingers to prior presidents and politicians, but what we’ve yet to witness is an accountable president who understands the problems in our ailing nation ends at his desk in the Oval Office. For now, I’d like to focus on the obvious, and save the political opinions for later. Because when a president intentionally inflicts injury on those who pay the bills in this country (not to mention fight for it), alarms should sound, and red flags raised.

Below are some examples of the “slimdown” and of Obama placing the pressure on those who deserve it least.

  • Federal State Parks
  • White House tours
  • Benefits to families of soldiers killed in action

These are only a few examples. The point is, Obama is keeping his projects alive and well, including approval of nearly half a billion dollars for the Corporation of Public Broadcasting the day after the government had slimmed down. Also noteworthy, the federal government attempted to close the WWII Memorial, but veterans were defiant when they ignored the barriers set up around the site.

Where’s the monetary savings in denying access to a memorial?

Obama is clearly attempting to convince the country that the government shutdown is bad for all. But in fact, the shutdown has done little more than illustrate the waste and bloated government. Quite frankly, it’s evident the government is overspending and growing out of control.

As first reported by The Washington Free Beacon, The Claude Moore Colonial Farm in Virginia, which receives no federal funding at all, was ordered closed by the National Park Service. Anna Eberly, the managing director of the park wasn’t certain on the reasoning behind the order.

“You do have to wonder about the wisdom of an organization that would use staff they don’t have the money to pay to evict visitors from a park site that operates without costing them any money,” she said

Let’s face it, Obama is targeting American tax payers to get his way, and this tactic should alarm all.

How Much is a Trillion Dollars?

Even if you think you know the outlandish size of what a trillion is, I implore you take another gander. And the reason I was inspired by this number came as I wondered how this country was going to deal with the 16 trillion dollar question: How will we ever pay off our national debt?

I found a great site that illustrated the shere size of what a trillion was. When I was done taking a look, I then had to add 15 trillion to it to get an overview that blows the mind. For example, one trillion square miles is equal to 20 Earths. Twenty Earths? To get a handle on just how large of a number 1 trillion is, click HERE to be amazed with other compelling comparisons.

Now that your eyes are opened by how much a trillion really is, how does it in fact affect your life? Our lives as a whole? Well, for starters, 16 trillion dollars just happens to be our nations debt. Who we’re in debt to will be saved for another day, and I want to keep this simple and to the point, as there is so much to know that you probably never wasted a thought on.

This brings us straight to politics. It seems we can’t avoid it in our daily lives and there’s a big reason why. Apparently, those who pick up the tabs in this country (tax payers), have been avoiding the truth. And, why not? They’re working, raising children to the best of their abilities, making the car and mortgage payments and trying to get their kids a higher education. The truth we avoided for so long has arrived, in our very own homes. There’s no ignoring it, now.

Who has time for politics?

Time for politics aside, it’s politics that fiscally pulls us into the fray of our growing debt. But, who’s going to pay this debt? This brings up items Obama chose to platform his campaign upon. Two things: The war republicans were waging on women and the rich not paying their fair share.

According to Obama’s own data, raising taxes on the rich will raise about 8 billion dollars for federal coffers. Secondly, cuts are being made for those that aren’t “the rich.” The real bulk of the money will come from reductions that middle-America has come to depend upon. Federal payroll taxes are going up on the middle class, and a huge cut is coming in the form of reducing child income credit(s) by half. If you have 2 children who usually amount to 2 thousand dollars worth of your income tax return, expect to receive only half of that in the future, as the new law takes effect January 1st, 2013.

Where was all of this in Obama’s campaign?

Back to the rich. The rich are the job creators in this country, but with an increase of taxes, combined with Obamacare, the rich don’t seem anxious to expand or hire. With the cost of doing business skyrocketing, something interesting is happening as the time approaches for these laws to go live. Looking back, the witch hunt to raise taxes 8 billion dollars on this class seems rather ignorant, and raises many alerts and red flags.

Not to mention less jobs.

More jobs are headed overseas. The cost of doing business abroad in many countries is nearly half as much. To further drill the point home, investors of these companies are dumping their stock in anticipation of inflation and consumers that will quit spending. This translates into more jobs lost and further shrinkage of an already bleeding economy.

8 billion dollars. When the debt is 16 trillion dollars, an annual budget deficit of 1 trillion dollars, entitlements we can no longer afford (amounts to our total annual deficit of 1 trillion dollars) and a healthcare bill that ended up costing more than anticipated, we can expect our debt to rise, completely uneffected by a lousy 8 billion in taxes the Obama Administration campaigned on. Click on this LINK to view our debt clock. As you watch it move, ask yourself how 8 billion dollars will slow it down. And the war on women? The new tax bill takes mostly from single mothers that may not make it otherwise.

The nonsense of thinking that taxing the rich will solve any of our problems is merely making our problems worse.

The New Face to Brian’s Daily Exposure!

For some time, I’ve used a simple picture of myself as the face of this blog. But since growing an audience that has astounded, I knew it was time to put a permanent, professional logo on the front lines of Brian’s Daily Exposure.

My dearest friend and publicist Jenny got to work on a design that was simple yet brilliant. She whittled it down to 3 choices, and when I was trying to decide which would adorn my site, I came to an impasse that I preferred my readers decide. The 3 logos were posted to my personal social media sites, and I asked friends to help me choose by voting on their favorite.

Goal achieved. Voters chose number 3 (although logo 1 gave it a run for the money).


I want to thank everyone who participated. All of you have proven that this isn’t only my site. It’s yours, too. The new logo voters chose should go live within 48 hours, so stay tuned!