America, About to Take a Fall

I know it’s Saturday, and our kids, significant other, dinner, the concert, family, friends, or just planning relaxation are on our minds. BUT I want you to pay attention to me for a few seconds…

As we begin to tune out the riots in Missouri (the news is forcing it down our throats), something spectacular is happening. Suddenly, the Missouri governor, Jay Nixon, is calling for a curfew as a result of the riots there, which get violent at times against police. The correct steps were taken when Ferguson police dealt with the crowds of thugs who believe robbing, stealing and beating people up is the standard there, and not to be interfered with by law enforcement. Yet again, our mainstream media is targeting YOU, in its attempt to further divide our beloved country.

And we’re falling for it.

Let’s set the controversial story aside here for a second. When a curfew is called upon in a state or city, it’s a form of martial law. Being in the streets after a designated hour could land them in jail. There are also other laws that kick in to suppress an entire city, state or…. Do you know where I am going with this now?

Democrats have demonstrated what they’re about in that they support the liberal agenda of socializing the United States of America (and thus far, succeeding). While at the same time, the representatives for the Republicans are doing little to nothing about it, a sure sign that they are giving in to the liberal demands one brick of this country at a time.


Now that we’ve eliminated who conservatives voted for by indicating they are giving up on us voters, it leaves the ball in our court, the citizens, voters and tax payers of America. So, do we let the news play out and allow the riots in Ferguson, Missouri to fester from state to state while our elected leaders do nothing? Or do Americans, by the MILLIONS, march on DC to demand an impeachment and criminal charges brought against our president and his cabinet, his appointed czars, crooked head of the Department of Justice, heads of the IRS and a slew of others embedded in posts at the behest of a team of liberals hell-bent on our fall as a country?

Now, since the cookie is a crumbled one, it leaves just American CITIZENS to bring about change, and do so before a riot comes to a city near you or martial law is imposed, which will stop all elections, freedoms of The Bill of Rights and The United States Constitutional decree and the life as we know it in the land of the free. The red flag we’ve all been looking for is in front of your faces, and that flag has some strong implications to it.

As you think about what you’re doing this weekend or where you’re going to go out on a date, do know that you’re not an extremist because you stand up for what’s right or you shout that you’re fed up (yes, liberals enjoy making you feel that way, entrapping you in a perpetual state of guilt). We are Americans who should always stand shoulder to shoulder against a tyrant, and it’s our duty, as citizens, to at least put in a fraction of the effort our forefathers did to preserve our nation…

Under God.


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