Duck Dynasty Fans Have Spoken

Note to those who don’t respect the free speech of others:

You are the minority. The leftist radicals calling for Duck Dynasty star Phil’s head because he stated his personal beliefs are hypocritical cowards with zero respect for our Constitution.

Cracker Barrel decided they were going to distance themselves from the Duck Dynasty brand due to screaming liberals demanding a boycott of the show and merchandise. They pulled the merchandise, and immediately realized that the vast majority of their customers are firm believers in the First Amendment.


That’s correct; the majority of paying customers in this country are hardworking, tax paying Americans who do not appreciate being bullied, especially where their rights are concerned. That said, just 2 days after pulling the Duck Dynasty merchandise, Cracker Barrel realized its error.

They replaced the merchandise today in a hope that they didn’t lose their primary customer base.

Liberals, when you seek freebies, a capitalist country will certainly not miss you if you’re gone. In fact, America would absolutely prosper if you were.

Americans deservingly are upset. With every advancing year, it has become apparent that the Constitution has been either manipulated or shredded, all before our very eyes. For the most part, many Americans have been complacent, as the liberal establishment has done just as Obama said he would do: Fundamentally change America.

In defense of both Phil’s stance and freedom of speech, American’s came to the call, and it appears the strength will grow with this group of patriots, who are tiring of the abuses from a tyrannical movement.


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