Black Friday came Early: More Welfare Abuse

Over the weekend, a glitch in the EBT food card database affected the poor from 17 states. The glitch (blamed on a power outage during routine maintenance testing) was only good for a few, as many could not buy food. But for others, it meant that it was a time for theft.


Shoppers with their EBT cards headed to Walmart in Louisiana, as they suddenly had no  limit on their accounts. They cleared the shelves, leaving little to nothing for shoppers with other means to purchase their needs. So it was alarming when Walmart said in a statement, “We did make the decision to continue to accept EBT cards during the outage so they could get food for their families.”

If this were the case, why wouldn’t Walmart accept the cards that had limits and did not work?

Amateur video footage showed dozens of full carts abandoned due to EBT users learning that the glitch was fixed. One woman who was in the process of purchasing over $700 in groceries when the glitch was corrected had a mere 49 cents as her limit balance.

Pictures depicted a Black Friday aftermath which is still 46 days away.

The melee has again raised questions on welfare abuses. With nearly 50 million Americans using EBT cards, fraud and misuse runs rampant. It has been suggested that tougher requirements be implemented to curb those who are able to work from receiving these benefits after a predetermined period of time.





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  1. This is a prime example of the greed and sense of entitlement in our country. These people knew they didn’t have the funds on their card, yet cleared shelves? In other words, they stole the food from Wal-Mart, and essentially, from tax payers. It’s disgusting how some people take advantage any way possible.

  2. The limit per family per week is $200 I think.
    These people KNEW they were screwing over the system…I say we pull their benefits and let them re-apply.

    Boo fcking hoo you can’t eat and your “keys” will starve… Not true!
    They have other incomes TRUST ME – watching Mercedes pull up to a Section 8 building is disgusting.

    Overhaul the government!

  3. I find it hard to imagine that Walmart would let these people get food without paying for it which is what this article is seemingly implying. I call bullshit

  4. The Honest Truth

    Yes it truly was a BLACK Friday!

  5. This enrages me. It’s scum like this making it hard on those of us who need help. I work two jobs, and the ONLY help they will give me right now is food. I have to drive a piece of shit Buick from the early 90’s, with no a/c, in Nevada no less. I technically can’t even afford the shitty apartment I got stuck with, but had no luck getting rental assistance or housing. Yet I have to see and hear about bullshit like this? It’s like the comment above about the Mercedes pulling up in Sec 8. Wtf? When I applied for help they asked me in the application about any property, assets, and vehicles I have. How are they able to get away with this? I see nice cars like that at the welfare office too. Yet the people driving them aren’t the case workerrs. It’s the loud, smelly, baboon acting low lifes inside wanting all for nothing. I know one reason they get all the help is that they do not work, so have all the time in the world for sitting in those rank buildings all day and playing the system. But I swear it feels like the people in charge tell the case workers at welfare and housing to deny (or help as little as possible) people that don’t look and sound (literally,and by name) ghetto.

  6. just youtube “ebt song”

    thats all you need to see

  7. Yet another blatant example of the Taker’s getting over on the Maker’s. Lets have a National audit of ALL public assistance programs.
    Declare a 30 Amnesty grace period, followed by an I.R.S. crusade for fraud and abuse. Institute a National database website, open to all Citizens (only) and publish all Guilty cases by zip code.
    …Sincerely, a tired Taxpayer 😦

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