Businesses! We Want Service!

Jobs are at a premium, and with such a tight race to these opportunities, employers seem to have the advantage. Talent abounds, and for even the minimum wage positions, those hiring can afford to be picky. But in the service industry, those hiring this talent have failed not only themselves in the form of reputation and profits, but most importantly, the customer.

So when customers (you and me) enter an establishment of varying services, what are some of the first concerns that come to mind? What are some of the expectations you envision when requesting services, mostly from complete strangers? I’m not sure about all of you, but my experiences on a customer service level has been less than flattering over the years, despite the larger pool of talent supposedly hand-picked for their true potential.

Consumers are entitled to service commensurate with their expectations. Sure, some expectations can be a little high with some, but at a time when businesses should be fighting for customers to choose their brand, there is little room for an attitude. It’s estimated that over 90% of all consumers do not complain when expectations fall short. Instead, they simply don’t return. Repeat customers are instrumental in establishing a successful business, so it’s important to pave an avenue for customers to vent their frustrations in order to address them. In this retention effort, business owners and managers must empower their employees to retain business, even if it’s at a cost.

Those looking to spend their money are looking for value, not excuses. To provide this value, employers must do their best to obtain the best customer service members possible. How the employees on the front line of your business treat customers translates into your success, or lack thereof. It’s not up to the customer to have full knowledge of your industry.

Training may only go so far, so it’s usually the effort of the customer service employee that makes the big difference. Again, attitude is everything, and if a smile and positive glow is the first thing customers see, both the customer and business have gotten off on the right foot.

Grow, with the know


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