Bikers and Patriots: Not on Patriots Day!

American’s must ask themselves how severe the damage is in our country as a result of political correctness. It’s because of this movement that citizens forget so easily the pain and suffering endured in the worst terrorist attacks on American soil. American’s should be implored to take a refresher on what happened September 11, 2001.

Difficult to watch? You bet it is, but it’s a reminder of the thousands of people who lost their lives that day. We cringe when we see a man fall from one of the upper floors, choosing to plunge to his death instead of burning alive from the intense fire that enveloped the Twin Towers. Now that you’ve jogged your memory, we must all stop to think for a moment what 9/11 means to all of us.

We know who carried out the attacks, but we’ll never quite understand why, and as we seek understanding on a day that is further marred by a group of Muslim’s, thousands of patriots are poised to react.

As many already know, a group known as the American Muslim Political Action (AMPAC), has organized a march into Washington tomorrow, and the timing is disturbing. In a rouse, this group claims they’ve been the victims of hate since the terrorist attacks in 2001, the premise of their march. But a study otherwise debunks that notion, finding that Jews were 6 times more likely to be targeted for hate in the United States than Muslims.

Certainly, just because these people claim to be victims, we must believe them, right?

Marching on our nation’s capitol is a slap in the face to not only American’s in general, but also the many that perished and their families. Some may argue (enter political correctness) that they have the right to do so. Sure they do, but so do others from around the country.

And not without grappling over a permit.

Over the past weekend, a permit to cruise through Washington DC was denied by the city, citing traffic concerns from the ‘2 Million Bikers’ cruise in, called Rolling Thunder. This, in response to the untimely demonstrations being planned by Muslims, has many rattled. But the patriots who believe American’s have been sitting silently long enough are not wavering.


According to US News, the ride through DC is “intended as a way to remember the people who died in the 9/11 terror attacks and the soldiers who subsequently fought al-Qaida in Afghanistan.” The group says they’re looking to demonstrate peacefully, and despite organizers being denied a permit, bikers from across the country are en route to Washington DC, undeterred by the lack of one.

They will not be stopped.

Regardless of what the argument is, it’s a blatant disregard for the pain terrorists inflicted on America, and AMPAC seems to be aligning with the very people who carried out the murders.

Political correctness stops here.


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  1. Wipe thier nasty asses with bacon grease and send them back to where ever they seem to think is so great-TAKE BACK AMERICA

  2. Carry a Sign Pork eaters Only? All Muslims are not Terrorists thats True but Why do the Nice Ones Hide and Support the Bad ones ?? Mexicans do the same thing Hide Illegals and march for Illegals all the same? Unless Their Really Real Legal American Building Citizens with Good for America in Mind.>>Just a LEgal God Fearing American Citizen>>>>

  3. Way to go Rolling Thunder! I wanna hear the thunder of American made freedom rolling through my streets. 9-11 is a horrible day for a islam walk or march or whatever they call it. I feel comfortable and happy with rolling thunder in my streets. But islam,, no thanks don’t want the “religion of terror” anywhere near me.

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