Dozier School and the Mysterious Binder

We all have our fears, and most people keep them tucked away, out of view from others. We don’t like to talk about them, and we don’t want to relive whatever nightmare we’ve dredged through. The worst memories can be a persons enemy, in a silent war that cannot be won.

These are the type of fears being relived by many who had the distinction of being sentenced as a juvenile to Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys. For the ones who suffered most, the school had another name.

I’ve detailed, vaguely, my stay at Dozier School in 1985 in a recent article, Horror in Marianna. In the story, I described how I happened upon a binder we found in a locked closet within the Print Shop at the boys prison. The memories were scant in the beginning, but as I have spoken with others about the ordeal, many things are coming to light.

Memory is such a fragile thing.

I received a message after publishing Horror in Marianna from the wife of an abuse victim at the school many years ago. She put me in touch with a couple of members from The White House Boy’s Organization. I’ve also been placed in touch with an anthropologist at a local university. Apparently, she will be leading the dig in the recently approved exhumation of bodies at the Dozier School. I spoke with the pair of White House Boy’s at length, hoping to jar some memory loose. After the calls, and a bit more research, the memories are coming back.

If the proverbial binders are located, here’s a bit of what it will detail, with dates and names:

  1. The truth behind a fire that the binder describes as more than 30 dead.
  2. Full disclosure of how and why shackles were used, and may have contributed to the deaths in the fire.
  3. Timelines that describe disappearances or suspicious deaths.
  4. Timelines of the type of punishment being administered.
  5. Precautions taken during inspections.

These are just a small list of the possibilities the binders hold in the investigation. To date, I have not heard back from anyone in regards to searching for these documents. The importance may be paramount, and may be cause to make people talk in the community of Marianna, Florida.

The puzzle piece that may break the case is being overlooked, and should be taken seriously if many questions are to be ever answered.




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