Zimmerman: After the Trial

Most don’t need to be reminded that before, during and after the Zimmerman murder trial, the mainstream media was steady painting a picture of both the shooter and the deceased. They were careful to leave out key components that otherwise illustrated a different interpretation of Zimmerman and Martin. After all, Martin was unarmed when he was shot, and the leftist media capitalized on twisting that and many other circumstances.

For example, before the trial began, NBC purposely edited the 911 call Zimmerman made to turn what seemed to be an open-and-close case of self defense to racial profiling.

As if America needed this deception.

Zimmerman went on to sue NBC for the act of smearing his name and proclaiming him as a racist. No word on the status of the suit, but NBC did in fact apologize for what they labeled an accident.

Ultimately, George Zimmerman, who claims to be Hispanic-white, was found not guilty of all charges against him. Most were not shocked by the verdict, as a majority of onlookers believed the case was not proven. In fact, most of the witnesses brought before the jury either contradicted themselves or literally helped the defense prove their case.

But the African American community didn’t want to accept the verdict and strangely, the FBI announced that the agency had conducted a thorough investigation of its own. The FBI said their probe found no hate crime or hints of racism at all.

A racial witch hunt, featuring Al Sharpton, the racism profiteer.

Bill O’Reilly recently weighed in on the racial division and issues in the black community, only to be labeled a racist by Sharpton. It seems when the issues are addressed, the real issues, the race-stirring Sharpton pulls the race card once again. But O’Reilly shot back in a riveting yet professional manner that was surreal to black American’s who took the opportunity to tune in to Fox News that day. I implore American’s of all races to take the time to view it.

Ultimately, it’s impossible to ignore that race was purposely injected into this case, and it was obvious the liberal media were exploiting this tragedy. While the grievance industry was seeking ‘justice for Trayvon’ last year, it’s hard to escape the fact that the same liberal media chose to ignore some very serious crimes against blacks and whites. In fact, during the trial over the fourth of July weekend, an astounding 72 people were shot and 12 murdered in the city of Chicago. Not surprisingly, few heard of this, and since Obama was a community organizer there, we’d expect a word or two from him. Instead, Obama went public over the Zimmerman verdict.

Other notable incidents during the Zimmerman/Martin debacle have had little-to-none in terms of media coverage. In Brunswick, Georgia on March 21st of this year, a 13-month-old by the name of Antonio West was shot dead in his stroller. Two teenage black males, ages 15 and 17,  shot he and his mother when she didn’t have what they demanded.

Antonio West

Antonio West

Another incident in June of 2012 involved the murder of a young white male by 4 would-be robbers. Ages ranging from 27 to 33, the black males opened fire on Marley Lion, a 17-year-old from Charleston, South Carolina. He was unarmed and the incident seemed unprovoked. But despite the circumstances, the story was short-lived and did not receive the attention the Zimmerman/Martin incident did. Click HERE to view the short video.

Ask yourselves why.

These are merely a couple of the many stories that didn’t receive the same outrage as the Martin shooting. It would be naïve to believe there’s not a conspiracy in this country to divide the races, but for what reason? Why does the liberal media go out of their way to further demonize whites as the aggressors of blacks?

When blacks comprise of around 14% of America’s population, but are responsible for over 10 times more violent crimes than whites and Hispanics combined, the answer isn’t an easy one to come by.

Something is stewing in our nation, and it’s the responsibility of all races to address it. People are dying, and the black community is pointing the fingers elsewhere at the behest of Al Sharpton and his ilk.


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